Monday, June 8, 2009

Dayak Music Videos Not TV-Friendly?

Antara petikan dari web The Borneopost Online

"KUCHING: Most Dayak music videos will have to be re-shot because their contents are not “TV-friendly” for Muzik Aktif, a 24-hour music channel of Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) on Astro.The state acting broadcasting director Monshi Abdullah said because of this only few Dayak music videos could be aired on the 30-minute slot for Sarawak over Muzik Aktif or Channel 180 every fortnight.Monshi said starting next month, the Sarawak slot would be increased to one hour from 3pm to 4pm every Sunday and that RTM is now discussing with the artistes and production companies to re-shoot the videos to suit the VCDs to the system used by Muzik Aktif and for appropriate contents.“(The problem now is) most of the Sarawak ethnic music videos are in karaoke format and not in the format that is right for TV,” he said when met after the finals of the state-level RTM Bintang Klasik Nasional 2009 at Auditorium P Ramlee here yesterday.He was earlier asked on the lack of Dayak music videos on Muzik Aktif, especially during the Sarawak slot. The issue was hot topic of discussions during the Gawai festival and was even discussed on Internet forums."

Mungkin penyanyi Dayak perlu mempertimbangkan perkara ini. Cadangan saya ialah bagaimana sekiranya selain memberi demo video berupa karaoke kepada RTM, kenapa tidak keluarkan satu video muzik bukan karaoke kepada RTM. Saya rasa ini bukan menjadi masalah kepada mereka.